Friday, December 23, 2011

My Tryst With The Ball

I am not a football fan. I am a footballer fan to certain extent but certainly not a football fan. Footballers are primarily awesomely sexy bunch of people (well there are always exceptions of some sort). So when I actually paid a whopping 240 Euros for a Real Madrid Match, it made me wonder why did I do it? Just to get a glimpse of Iker Casillas? Well to some extent maybe yes but just that?? I realized I have probably imbibed some sort of love for the game.

Going back to the roots of why I spent this 240 Euros. 2005 September. Rahul is superbly upset and irrespective of however many times I said "Ki aar kora jabe! Its a match" "Next ta jite jaabe" "Kichu hobe na...Please dont be so upset", he just keeps grumbling. Real Madrid has just lost some La Liga match to some club. Next I know Rahul and I are fighting over this club, I wasn't so much aware of few days back (Yeah my knowledge sucked at it). 2005 December. Rahul calls to say "You have to stay over the phone with me till 2.30 am.There is a match tonight and I do not want to fall asleep." So I became the "keep the football lover awake".

Riya Banerjee. I  grumble to her in school about my "keep the football lover awake" status. She gets all excited and starts chirping about how she loves the England Team and how she bunked class in 9th to watch England play in the 2002 World Cup. Ah Luck!

June 2006. FIFA World Cup. I am so jobless after all the competitive exams that I start seriously following the matches. At least I end up learning some names which I can blabber to Rahul. 9th July 2006, Durgapur. Next day is the admission day at NIT Durgapur. Dad and I are in Peerless Inn. I meet Tania RoyChowdhury in the corridor and she invites me to meet her parents. First proper conversation of me and Tania.
Tania : "Hey you excited about tonight's Final Match?"
Me: "Ya I'll watch"
Tania: "She I bought these earrings from Big Bazaar with balls in them. Football Special. Cool Naah!"
Me (in my mind): "Oh No"

Tania and I became roommates courtesy a flat tyre which Somreeta and Abhirupa had. It was probably the luckiest flat tyre for both of us. But then followed the series of "You don't watch Football? WHY?" "You don't watch EPL?" "You don't like Torres or Gerrad?" "Today Liverpool is playing. Wear a red tshirt please". She kept her wallpaper, an image of Torres, for 2 years at a stretch. Phew! Most memorable of all of these.

NIT Allahabad. Me trying to act Barcelona in Dumb Charades. I show Europe. I show Football. I show B. Tania gets Football and B. But Europe becomes English. And she says "Birmingham City" "Blackburn" and she never ever utters "Barcelona".

2010 April. Liverpool vs Manchester Utd.
Tania : "Deblee please get the remote of the common room naah! People are watching saas bahu serials. They'll not give me remote for match. Please get the remote naah"
I get the remote and then "Please sit and watch the match. You are lucky charm. You sit and watch then Liverpool wins". Followed by the cute pout.

2010 April again. The last best days of college courtesy Vish. Whirlwind Romance which was paused for 45minutes of Barcelona playing. Again 15 minutes of Romance. Followed by another 45minutes of pause. Then the romance continued. Again the old acts of getting upset over a lost match. (Funny once it was Real Madrid and now Barcelona) This time I too know the game!! I do not say "Kichu Hobe na"  or "Next time jitbe". All I say is "Oh!" and act upset. Hunting Barcelona Jersey in Netherlands or Watching matches to know, after the 2nd half when the call comes, I should act upset or cheerful. :P

2010 June. Watching matches at Riya's place and finally even enjoying it. Watching the Final with Rahul over the phone. Cheering Spain as loudly as possible. Messaging Tania live updates. :)

So I didn't spend the 240 Euros because I am a Real Madrid fan. Neither did I do it because I am a football fan. I did it for all the crazy football lovers in my life whom I love a lot! Cheers!