Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dark Circles

Life is full of Circles - like Google+ has Circles (PJ intended!). This is the story of the dark circles of life. I have been spending a huge chunk of my salary since I started working on salons. I have a crazy fetish for them. Clothes, junk jeweleries, accessories, blah blah were my initial fetish but I soon settled down on beauty products. I guess Bangalore had a major role to play in it. Bangalore water killed my hair and I started losing chunks of hair everyday. Bangalore water didn't even spare my skin and my once pimple free skin (which I am super proud of) is currently spotted with those little horrible marks. To add to it Den Bosch didn't spare my eyes! I have big round dark dark circles! :(

I have never really been an owl my entire life. I am an early sleeper and a late riser. I sleep by 11pm (latest) and wake up at 8am (earliest). That makes minimum 9 hours of sleep for me. Currently I get to sleep at 3.30am (earliest) and stupid eyes of mine always open by 9am. 5 and a half hours!!!! Only 5 and a half!! Poor me!

Staying up at night here isn't exactly like staying up late to watch a movie or day before an assignment submission (anyways you'll be just copying and the professors don't read) or even studying for an exam. The reason being all these you do for yourself. There isn't a 3rd party involved. There is no one to blast you if you do an mistake (except mom and dad..they anyways always scold you). But staying up late for running EOD is altogether a different ball game. Each click requires concentration and working on touch pad under such scenarios sucks.

My eyes don't like this and they are protesting big time! Tuesday I woke up to find these horrible dark circles of my life. Unfortunately I can't afford to indulge in salons and cosmetics here. :( :( By the time it is Friday of next week and I have worked for 12 days at a stretch, I just hope my entire face doesn't become dark!

Next week the ball will be in another court. I have to get up at 6am sharp and I'll be running (this time literally running) till 7.30 pm. This swing between an owl and a crow I hope will be smooth and neither the crow or the owl will doze of in between any of the running processes! :D


  1. Told ya don't go ! Dumb Woman ! x-(

  2. And now you are "running" the EOD properly na !? :P