Sunday, August 7, 2011

Being Dutch - 24 hours

Of New Things -
1. Dogs that look like wolves and are huge are called wolfdogs. Seemed like I was in the sets of Twilight and the dog n front of me would jump any instant and transform into Jacob Black!
2. Onions look weird. Beans are as lean as chilies.
3. Garbage Areas are also locked
4. Shops close at 5pm

Of misconceptions -
1. Lush Cosmetics is not an Indian Brand
2. McDonald's maybe from US which is nearer to Netherlands than India, but burgers here are more expensive. (Actually it maybe because I still can't get over the habit of instantly converting Euros to Indian Rupees)
3. Ketchup Sachets and Plastic Covers only come for free in India. At McDonald's one sachet of ketchup is 1Euro.

Of Good Things -
1. A small river flows just outside my balcony
2. Visited a Theater Festival. The area was filled with people and these days I become very happy when I see living souls.
3. Saw lovely clothes, bridal dresses, sexy shoes and pastries! Yummy!
4. Weather is awesome (Touchwood!)
5. My apartment is a cosy 2 bedroom deadly silent one. Vignesh has an antique old British room with a view of the Church.

Thats all for today... Work begins tomorrow!

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  1. OMG ! 1eur per Ketchup !! How the hell are we supposed to eat burgers there !? :(