Friday, August 5, 2011

And So It Begins Again

I started this blog to tell the story of my first International Trip (Thailand Tour). So, it is only fair that I revive it to capture my first International Work Trip.

The first thing that bothers me when I go to airport these days is “Baggage Limit”. These 2 words have become a nightmare in my life. It all started in Mumbai airport when for the first time I was travelling alone. With Mom and Dad along with me it was always simple. 60kgs allowed on domestic and 75kgs on that exquisite Thailand trip. No worries because even my Mom can’t exceed those figures. So coming back to the Mumbai story- It was my first long stay outside Bengal. I stayed there 2.5months and earned 3500. I spent 10000. Mumbai is according to me the fashion city of India (I am not saying based on Fashion Street). Its’ malls has collections which I have never seen in Kolkata or Bangalore. So obviously I had shopped a lot (Where else did the 10000 go?) I reached the airport with 3 baggage and 2 hand bags completely unaware of the existence of the 2 words “Baggage Limit”. My baggage was a whooping 33kgs. I had to pay 1000 (100 per kg – 3kgs were excused) to take back my 10000 worth shopping.

The 2 horror words “Baggage Limit” didn’t get a chance to bother me for quite sometime after that. I always travelled with Mom and Dad. The terror returned at Kolkata airport next. I was flying to Bangalore from my last visit to Kolkata in June this year. Mom had made me shop (am being modest. You never need anyone to make you shop) for my International Work Trip. Office team had asked for Rosogollas. I was in panic. The 2 horror words kept haunting me. And I was correct. My baggage was 23kgs. But India is my own darling motherland and here bending rules and exceeding just 3 kgs is OK. So no extra charges his time.

But the horror words didn’t leave me. I knew I would exceed my baggage limit when I finally fly. I am going for 4 months. Mom would leave no piece of object outside my baggage. I couldn’t sleep. I started getting nightmares for a week. I booked tickets on the airlines that allow you maximum “Baggage Limit” – 30kgs. But horrifying news, they charge you 1300 per kg in International for excess. Finally I packed my bags last night, while yelling at Mom every time she tried to squeeze in anything unnecessary. Made Dad, Mom, Vishnu pickup my bags and tell me how much they weigh. Everybody assured me that it would be within 30kgs. But my terror words don’t ditch me ever. At the airport my bags weighed 33.27kgs. I am not flying domestic that I can be excused. So I open one of my bags to find that when I went to office, Mom did manage to squeeze in THINGS like – 4 pieces of Potato, 2 kgs rice, 1 kg Dal and few green chilies. Discarded - 1kg rice, the potatoes and 0.5kg Dal. Thankfully 31kgs am allowed and so here I am waiting to board my flight @ Bangalore International Airport!

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