Monday, October 11, 2010

Pujo Pujo Pujo

Its not that I have always been in Kolkata during Durga Pujo. At times courtesy my dad's inherent apathy towards pandal hopping, we have fled from Kolkata to the Himalayas or Ooty or Panchmarhi. Those are the only 3 years when I missed a part of the Pujo. But the point is it was always a part of the pujo- one idol or the other has always showed me her face. This time it feels like being banished. :(

By now Kolkata must be decked up in lights and loudspeakers would be blaring the latest songs. The cool breeze of the early mornings or late evenings brings to every mind the Pujo feeling. The footfall at the shopping malls that increases every year, the new styles in shoes and clothes, the huge lines in parlors, the fighting inside a Khadims store, the footpath bag sellers at New Market, the traffic jam everywhere. I love all of them now that am far away from them and I miss them all!

For the first time in life am working on Panchami and I would be doing so on Shasti, Saptami and Ashtami. Growing up would be bad I knew, but this bad? God please make me a kid again!


  1. Its the same feeling out here.Your post made me more nostalgic. My first puja away from home .:(

  2. Spare a thought for me ;)

    Puja, however, has had a different significance to me altogether... somehow, pujas have always been linked with you deblee... be it our first outing where you ran away with my wallet leaving me stranded in the middle of the mall, asked me to go away when I turned up with a bunch of my friends who were still in the process of figuring out that a gender other than male did exist after all and spoil your outing with your friends or just enthusiastically talking about how awesome your trip was or how well written a novel was (and me pretending to be really interested in the novel while i barely remembered the name of the novel!!)

    And today I am 13000 km away from you...

    Too many memories, isn't it?

  3. missing out d latest trends in dress, latest craze in movies, d flash lyts depictng d latest stories dis puja... evrythng seems new 2 me in blor, nuthng is anymor "latest" here... thngs chang evryday, wid d latest cumng up each day.. d craze 4 d new is lost...

  4. Ya sanchita thats so kolkata it was like..Pujo is coming thats y we r waiting for new its new trends everyday...nothing new about that

  5. @Rahul: stop getting emo! In the 2nd pujo, I had slapped u at Jodhpur park..LOL I somehow find it very funny suddenly...

  6. I was trying to write down what I miss most for the last 5 mins but couldn't come up with one concrete thing!
    Its just pujo...and its happening and I am not there...and I don't like it! Feel so lonely in a crowd all of a sudden! :(