Sunday, August 15, 2010

Silent Noise

People here love superficial stuff like the “Silent Noise”. I went to a shopping mall last evening and the entire city was out there shopping vegetables and grocery. At the entrance there were headphones available which one could hire on hourly basis. A DJ was playing some music and everyone who hired those headphones could hear it. So you get shielded from all the noise of the shopping mall and all you hear is the DJ’s music. Isn’t that the most superficial way of relaxing oneself? You are pushing your cart through a crowded mall and you very well know that there is so much of noise all around you and yet you pretend as if everything is silent! As Shantaram says "Silence is the tortured mans revenge".

I bought European Cucumbers, bananas, biscuits, cheese croissant and sweets from the mall (I could hear all the noise and chatter). Specialty of it the European Cucumber is that you needn’t peel and eat it. Rishi said I was fooled. There is nothing like European Cucumber. It is normal Indian cucumber of a different variety which I bought at a higher price. Mom also said the same thing. L

Before I started working whenever people asked me “What will you do with your first salary?” or whenever slam books had that question, my fixed answer was “A huge teddy bear that would be of my size”. What amazes me, is how our approach towards life changes the moment we start working! The child within gets hidden somewhere. I see so many huge teddy bears but I never manage to buy one. It’s something like the “Silent Noise” within me. The child inside makes a lot of noise silently.

Yesterday I was telling my mom, that back in Mumbai when I got a meager amount for my 7 weeks of internship I had spent nearly 15k and now when I earn a decent amount per month, I haven’t spent a penny on myself. It’s always easier to spend papa’s money! J It’s so easy to point at an expensive thing and tell daddy “I want that!” The moment I look at the price tags of the mobiles/ cameras/ laptops I like, I quickly take my leave from the store. Growing up is bad. Being the pampered kid is way more fun!

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