Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Place New People

It seems like I can only manage to find time to write blogs when am away from home. Mumbai Days saw me post 3 times and now its Bangalore times. Weirdly whenever I goto some new city "on work", I end up having "no work"! Now its back to those IIT Bombay days. I wake up, get ready, come to the lab (office lab in the current case) and I chat. Funny last year I was paid less for doing the same things!

Bangalore has an amazing weather! (I finally got acclimatised after 3 weeks) Well thats where the good ends as of now...

Starting with the woes...

1. Why O why am I called "Daabli"??

2. 8 people living in one 3BHK and the main door of the flat has one key. If you leave the key inside and pull the door, you can stay outside till the landlord manages to get hold of a stunt man who will jump from the terrace onto the balcony, then climb to the kitchen window, force it open, climb inside the kitchen and then open the main door from inside. :P

3. Only water is available without curry pata. Everything else is full of leaves! The ultimate green city!

4. From "Howrah the village" to "Durgapur the village" to "Kundanahalli the village"... Everything here closes down by 8.30pm...And I thought Bangalore has an amazing night life!

5. PG owners are the biggest liars on earth. Whatever they promise will never be given!

6. I keep getting up on the wrong bus! :(

7. The amazing weather ensures that whatever you wash, never dries up!

God knows why I always take so much of time in adjusting to a new place! Bless Me!


  1. Hi "Daabli"!! :D yaa rite!! I can also remember boarding wrong busses as some bus drivers never nod properly when questioned!! :D :D

  2. Daabli don't worry you will get adjusted to the city! :P a few months from now, you will not want to come back to kolkata (or howrah)!! and c'mon there are too many people who lie in india... politicians to beggers (i once came across a begger who said she did not have money to have sweets... i gave her 2 bucks... she pulled out another 8 bucks and had a hearty chhola-batura breakfast!! :P :P