Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goodbye Hobber

Once in a while we come across such people in our lives who are there for us 24x7 and I mean it literally. I can call up Hobber at 2am, 6am, 11am, 5pm or 10pm to ask "Hey in which theaters is this movie running currently?" or "Hey please tell me Mainland China's number" or moan about "Bhoooooo bhooooo my Bholu is ill".

My constant encourager. My best guide. My doctor whose solution to all sickness is "Drink a lot of water and sleep". My comedian. My pathetic singer and dancer.

My 24x7 helpline number left last night. I am not yet ready to accept the fact I guess cause I have a strange sense of calm on my mind. I was more panicked the entire last week whenever I thought that he'll leave soon. Yesterday when he called before the flight, I was kind of stoned. I didn't feel sad. I didn't feel a sense of loss. I didn't even think when do I get to meet him next. I just said a simple goodbye and went to bed.

So to do justice to Hobber's round the clock services to me, here comes this post. Thanks for being a part of my life through the darkest nights and the brightest days. Thanks for pushing me to study enough to enter college and for helping me relax enough to bag a 2nd job. Thanks for the millions of minutes you have wasted listening to my Bholu woes. Thanks for forgiving me each time I behaved like a jerk. Thanks for not trying to sing to me anymore. LOL.

Have a lovely American life. Eat well, Drink well and please don't smoke well. Take the "phuch phuch". Am sure they'll have better ones! When you come to visit India please do not get me tanning creams. LOL. Indians do not use them! Till then Adieu!

Yours truly,
Complina :)

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