Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally Loving It!

My best week in Bangalore so far.......

Started off with Peepli Live. 11 out of the 12 NITDGP-ians here, were the ones to do this amazing act of running away from office 15minutes before 5pm. The 12th one did join us in the running away act but was too ill to go for the movie. I was constantly questioned about my understanding of the movie. Once and for all I can't speak Hindi doesn't mean I don't understand Hindi. Grrrrr....

Peepli lacks the Amir charm. It's awesome in some parts and loses itself in some other parts. A nice mockery of the Indian journalism. The comic depiction of a serious issue like farmer suicides is commendable! All in all a good movie and even better for me as it kick started my social life in Bangalore.

Rest of the week was great because we had very little workload courtesy the TRM training that's going on. But bugs don't let people be at peace and at times even the heavens conspire to eat up your leisure. So our mentor came up with a project plan: "Choose any topic- Define the specifications- Develop it within a day."

But even bugs failed to tamper my mood after the lovely news I got on Wednesday. Point one- Sanna and Tista were gonna come over for the weekend
Point two-they were going to give Bangalore as their location preference courtesy our TCS man getting his posing here! :D

Chocolate boy did try to ruin our plans to some extent by scaring Tista and Sanna about how scary Bangalore roads are at night, but me donning my Mummee hat overruled him! :D So come Friday and I made a 1hour ride to Majestic listening to tips about "automobile turn-ons". It turned out to be the farthest I had ventured in this city. I wish Tani and Riya had also walked out of that gate and jumped into my arms to give a teddy bear hug like Sanna did.

My Gift. The madams bought me this top with their salary! :)

Eating out of foil paper, chitchatting till 1am, catching up on updates of other friends and not-friends, basically pure girlish bitching, what bliss! Waking up late, screaming at Tista for being late as usual, pushing Sanna out of the bed- got transported back to hostel and Puri hotel. LOL.

We shopped in Garuda mall for 5 and a half hours. Well with Tista being around, nothing can be quick. :P Finally all 3 of us managed to watch Inception. What a movie!! Tani you should watch it! Nolan is great! Tista and I stayed in dream trance for sometime after we came out of the hall. To add some bad taste to the weekend, I caught a bad cold and ended up with a fever. All 3 of us were missing Tani and Riya so badly. Only way to make up for their absence were to give them long calls.

Sunday meant farewell and me getting into my depression mood! Tista ensured I ate enough chicken to keep me satisfied for a month. Madam ordered one bucket of chicken and a wrap at KFC and as expected couldn't finish either :P Gaurav accompanied me till my PG giving me no chance to get into my brooding mode in the return journey and then my roomie made plans for Lafangey Parindey in the evening. So I got no time to brood in the evening too.

Deepika is great in the movie and I loved Neil in it. He looks so so sexy in the movie! ;) Going out with Sudha is a test of my patience. I get amazed to realize the extent to which I can patiently sit and smile while people around me converse in a language I can't make head or tail of. Funny part was a guy from her group didn't know Hindi, so he couldn't make head or tail of the movie. I had my silent revengeful laugh! LOL. But they are real sweet people to let me join them whenever they go out.

Another discovery regarding Bangalore. After 10pm, if you go to some restaurant the waiters treat you like they are doing you a favor by serving you. We were literally scolded for ordering an extra plate 5minutes after we placed our order. The guys were again sweet enough to drop us till our PG and go back without buses in the rain at 11pm.

Now am counting days till 17th September. Eagerly waiting to meet Tani, Vish and Riya.

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