Monday, August 9, 2010

Deja Vu

My 4th Week in Bangalore begins tomrrow and my parents have already been here on 3 weekends. :) I guess I tend to get more homesick as I keep seeing them so often. It seems like college again when Ma used to come and fill up my larder with chips, biscuits, sweets and what not!

Never in life do I get rooms easily so this time as well I had to fight for an week to get my room. How can I forget the 341 and 342 scary days!

These days life keeps throwing things across my path that remind me of Tania. On our 2nd weekend here, my roomie went shopping and the first thing she bought was a clothes bag! Funny 4 years back Tani had done the same!

It seems Tani and I are missing each other so much that we have switched roles! Tani has become a cleanliness freak like me and keeps bossing people to take their bath...LOL. Felt like an out of the body experience for me when I heard her shout at someone "Oyi!! When will you go and take your bath? Its getting so late!" I on the other hand have become so laidback! I keep stacking up clothes till they start overflowing onto the floor. I don't feel like going up to the kitchen at night to have dinner. I throw things anywhere and everywhere. :P My roomie on the other hand wakes up and offers puja so nicely. She lights up incense sticks and my room smells like bliss. She gets fruits, washes them, cuts them and serves them to me! An angel of an roomie I have got! :)

As of now, eagerly looking forward to the Onam weekend...Hopefully Sanna and Tista will turn up here!

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