Monday, July 20, 2009

Things I miss about Mumbai

While I was there at Mumbai, I used to frantically pray everyday that my departure date comes along as quickly as possible. I never ever dreamt that I would actually miss Mumbai. But here are some things that I do miss

1. The freedom which I didn't exploit much. The freedom to get out of the hostel at 1.30am. The freedom to hang around Naturals outside the IIT campus at 11pm.

2. The spick and span kitchen and mess of hostel 11. The tasty food that was available there.

3. The canteen that used be open till 2am.

4. The swimming pool.

5. Jin, Chandu, Jhun and others.

6. Rekha and Aishi-- my two diligent and enthusiastic group mates in the project. Rekha is a marvel!

7. The lakeside

8. BEST buses.

9. The whole day chats with someone without the incessant questioning of people.

10. The sprawling malls.

If I can think of more, I'll update....

1 comment:

  1. made me emotional after reminding of IIT bombay...

    even i miss those moments...which will never come...:(