Saturday, June 6, 2009

Patient Doldrums

Today someone told me that I am impatient and I get easily bored. Well, the comment didn't exactly please me, so to express my disapproval, I set my Gtalk status message as "Boredom is a condition characterized by perception of one's environment as dull, tedious, and lacking in stimulation....It doesn't characterize a state of not having Patience". I wonder how much patience is related to boredom! Like currently I am bored. I have nothing to do but to please my work group am sitting in the lab. Presence can be Support! So be it! But am I impatient? Then how am I patiently sitting here and watching people do their work while I am typing gibberish words!?

It's true I get bored quite often these days. Put yourself in my place and am sure even you'll get bored. I have practically no concrete project work other than Google-ing (okay...even Bing-ing) for plugins and then installing them in the portal we are building. I am day by day becoming an efficient user of an efficient search engine!

I have taken up a part time job. I teach! People who know me would think that am glad doing it because I have always wanted to teach. Alas! Am teaching people how to swim! I eagerly look forward to this hour of the day. It makes me feel proud to show off my swimming skills especially backstroke. I have got so bored in Mumbai that I have started exercising (something my parents could never make me do regularly), walking after dinner and dieting (this one is a bit difficult as the mess serves "food" and not things that can be passed in the name of food like our great Durgapur mess).

During, the first week in Mumbai, I experienced the highest level of boredom. I had absolutely no work. Not even the work of an efficient user of Google search engine. My roommate (I couldn't get through NUS but I have a Korean roomie!!) stays outside most of the time and when she isn't she stays glued to her laptop. I shouldn't criticise her as she is the only nice person around me who often takes me along when she goes out with her friends. That weekend on Sunday evening, my roomie and her friends went to Gateway of India and Chowpatty. I was also invited but I felt a bit apprehensive going that far (37km) with people I knew for just one week. So I politely refused the offer and instead got exceptionally bored!

I have never lost my patience during this entire episode. Like on that first Sunday, I went to Crossword and patiently read a book for 1hour, after which I patiently went to KFC and devoured Burgers in solitude. Then I came back and patiently waited till 1.30am for Jin to return.

I might get bored easily but my Patience keeps me ticking!

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